Since 1992 every night we make a music trip to the magic world of rock music ,to the known and unknown aspect of it , and we explore the world of alchohol with unique cocktails from all around the world but with the magic touch of the bartender George,who knows very well the subject !!

We like to ensure the old and the future customers that we will continiue on the same direction,with more passion of what we doing, in the highest level of quality on what we serve of drinks and booze,and in the cheapest prices in the market of rock bars !!!

We will be pleased to meet you to our journey!!!

George ..





janis joplin



led zeppelin





ten years after


led zeppelin


limy hendrix


canned heat


jethro tull

To Stickyminds Rock Cafe Cocktail Bar..

Stickyminds close 23 years of existion, at Palekastro Sitia Crete , little further from the main square of the village on the road to zakros.

stickyminds cocktails

For all this time we offer to our customers the unique oportunity to travel through time with music that is unexpected for the reality of crete, and special in a close societys like palekastro, and to be in touch with me, to exchange information about what we love and is our passion...

Rock Blues Music !!

stickyminds rock cafe the yard

Inside the bar and under our green yard full of mulberry trees you will find all kinds of coffees, long drinks, juices, refreshments, a variety of beers, but most of all our unique cocktails, accompany with great rock and blues music which is playing for you !

The bar is open seasonly from may to the end of octomber every year,from 21:00 till ????..

stickyminds rock radio

In the meantime from november till may, we offer to our customers and friends all around the world, the oportunity to listen the stickyminds rock radio station..25 broadcasts of the year 2013-2014 with blues-rock-hard rock music..

I hope you will enjoy it !!

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