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Since 1992 every night we make a music trip to the magic world of rock music ,to the known and unknown aspect of it , and we explore the world of alchohol with unique cocktails from all around the world but with the magic touch of the bartender George,who knows very well the subject !!

We like to ensure the old and the future customers that we will continiue on the same direction,with more passion of what we doing, in the highest level of quality on what we serve of drinks and booze,and in the cheapest prices in the market of rock bars !!!

We will be pleased to meet you to our journey!!!













The phylosophy around the bar is based to a rock n roll music of the decades of 60's and 70's ,and not only, and to the feeling of communication with the customers who want to share their knowledge around the world of rock music and they want to talk about it..

I am inspired by an aythentic guy in the history of rock n roll, the one and only....Rory Gallagher !!

rory gallagher

He took the blues to an another level of creation by mixing it with hard rock sounds and he create a unique style of music that i call it hard rock blues !!

A gigantic talent, simple personality, that dedicate his life to the rock n roll music and he gave us a legacy of songs that we will never forgot it !!!

Long Live Rory !!!

This magnificent guy make me to dedicate my life to explore the known and unknown aspect of rock n roll music with bands such as...stone the crows, buffalo, tear gas, phoenix, bulangus, styx, armagedon back street crowler,carson,and more !!!

The bar is decorate with simplycity in a irish pub style and the music that i play most of the times from a collection of vinyls that i have, around 700 , covers the whole aspect of rock'n roll world, from blues-rock-hard rock-heavy metal-greek rock and more ...

That's why after so many years the most of the customers who passed from the bar Stickyminds they became friends !!!